Archeology of Style

Archeology of Style

For the Love of Chanel

By Anita Jack-Davies

Chanel is hands down my favourite brand. Chanel stands for sophistication, quality, elegance and lasting style. What I admire about this brand is its commitment to being who it is, and nothing else. Even though Chanel continues to innovate, as seen through the leadership of the late Karl Lagerfeld, the brand never compromised on its commitment to quality. I must say that the one thing that I really love, is the packaging for its skincare and beauty products as seen in the polishes in the image. 

I’ve watched quite a few documentaries on the life of Coco Chanel.  She was quite the businesswoman and was once the mistress of a wealthy businessman. Legend also has it that the Chanel Classic Flap (2.55) was created with a secret compartment for lipsticks that was once used to hold her love letters. Get it honey! The packaging is sleek and has an artistic quality that I ca ‘t describe. I love how the CCs are always white on a black background, encased in a circle. Simple but perfect. I once owned a compact powder, the Poudre Universelle, and although the powder was absolutely lovely, it did not open as fully as I would have liked. I also swear by their perfumes, even though they may be a bit strong for daytime or the workplace.

I like the fact that the fashion house of Chanel continues to use hand-crafted designs that have been perfected by master seamstresses and other artisans (shoes, bags, etc), who are relied upon to bring this tradition to the world. And although I have now successfully detoxed my makeup and skincare, I do still have a few products that I simply could not part with:

Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumiere 

Eyeshadow: Chanel Ombre Paupieres Eyeshadow 

Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure (110)

Perfume: Vintage Chanel No19, Eau de Cologne (gift from my MIL)

Mascara: Le Volume de Chanel (travel size)

What's a Natural Girl to Do?

Thinking about going natural? Think it’s going to be easy? Think again. I did the Big Chop in 2007 and then again in 2011 and 2014. I chose to go the BC route instead  of transitioning because I wanted to learn about my natural hair patterns and how my hair responds to different products. I can honestly say that going natural was not easy for me. With  my short natural hair, I struggled to forge a new identity and sense of self. At the start of my journey, I experimented with a lot of different natural hair products. I keep a hair journal and recorded how my hair felt with each use. In time, I was able to create a list of core products that my hair liked and a journal might be something for you to try if you’re just starting out on your journey. Here is a list of natural hair care lines that I recommend:

1. Jane Carter Solutions (Target, USA or order online)

2. Shea Moisture (Walmart, Target)

3. Carol’s Daughter (Target, USA or order online)

4.  Miss Jessie’s (Target, USA or order online)

5. Deva Carul (Target, USA or order online)

Aveda Has It's Hands in My Pockets

I am obsessed with Aveda products. I don’t know what it is. The herbal smell…the packaging, the unique design of the text on the front of tube, or jar. Aveda products do nothing to take a junkie like me out of rehab! I remember watching a Capital One TV commercial with a tagline that reads, “With their high interest rates, banks always have a hand in your pocket. Get them out with Capital One!”. For me that hand is Aveda, a company that was “acquired by” Estee Lauder Companies in 1997, as per their website. I love the way these products smell. Admittedly, I am not that great at identifying fragrant notes. All I know is that the herbal concoction used to create the unique smell of these masterpieces is downright addictive. Essential oils of lavender, rose and sandalwood linger in my hair as I plough through my hectic day, as a wife and mother to a five year old. What I love is that when I least expect it, I get a whiff of its natural goodness emanating from my strands.

I love the smell of the Aveda Brilliant Humectant, the cute little pomade that comes in a navy blue jar. The jar alone should win some kind of industry award, and for that reason, I never throw them out but repurpose them for storing other products. A year ago, I tried to transition from using this line because of high retail cost. This year, I am back to using them, tail between my legs, admitting that what I thought was simply a lukewarm “like” is really a full- blown “love” the for the line. So, Aveda’s hands remain in my pocket.

Two questions: Do you like our use Aveda products, why or why not? Which company has a hand in your pocket? (*This is my opinion and I was not paid by Estee Lauder Companies for creating this post).