Anita Jack-Davies

I was born in Toronto, Canada into a family of Trinidadians who make a sport out of partying, playing music, singing, dancing and living the “good life”. As a child, I thought everyone was raised this way. Looking back, I realize now that I had an idyllic childhood. I was given the gift of music by my grandparents, Patrick and Lawrence Jack. Mammy and Daddy played parang, a popular folk music that originates from Venezuela and Trinidad that fuses Spanish and African rythms into a practice of caroling and spreading joy during the Christmas season. Parang means everything to our family and it is the thread that binds us together.

When I returned to Canada  at the age of 12, I soon realized that I had to wait until Caribana each year to enjoy the richness of Caribbean culture outside of my home. It was in Trinidad that I developed an appreciation for live music, art and culture and it was in my own family where my own skills and talents were developed. As a mother to my ten year old daughter Kennedy, I take great pride in introducing her to a culture that she can fuse into her own life, here in Canada. 

The Soca Life is a lifestyle blog and a space where I can play and be myself.  

I studied at the University of Toronto where I earned an Honours BA in English and Sociology. I then went on to Teacher’s College at Western University. Following that, I studied at Queen’s University and obtained a Master’s and Doctorate in Teacher Education. For full time work, I work as a Workplace Diversity Consultant with my firm Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions and I help corporate clients with their equity, diversity and inclusion needs. 

In my spare time, I sing, blog and spend time with my family. We love to travel and are planning our next trip as we speak. In the summertime, you can find as at Llewellyn Cottage, 1000 Islands, New York. I also sing with a local band called The Alternative Facts. The music is amazing and Tuesday night practices warm my soul. My bandmates are absolutely incredible: Craig (our talented leader), Al (see you at The Fam on Friday!), Gordon, Dave, Cathy, Pamela, April, Mike, Brian, Nancy, Stu, John, Brian and Deborah! Enjoy the blog and we would love to hear from you.

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Anita Jack-Davies, Editorial Lead 

The Soca Life 

Email: anita@dranitajackdavies.com or Telephone: 613-453-9534